How long does it take to build a website?

 It is estimated that 2.14 billion people worldwide will purchase goods and services online this year. For any brand to succeed, an online presence is a must, and all starts with a website.

One of the most common questions the team at SYR Digital gets from potential clients is – how long will it take to build my website? We only answer– well, it depends. We will need more details about the business and the client’s vision for the digital rendition to estimate the time required. 

What is the time span from the initial discovery and planning to a complete website ready to go live?

Web design projects lengths vary. Here at SYR Digital, we learned that all projects are different; this is why we approach new projects with a detailed plan of action crafted to clients specifications. How long to build a website is not an easy question to answer.

Following our experience and provide, we keep on getting timely feedback from the client during a projected average web design & development, ranging from a minimum of 12 weeks to 14-16 weeks.

Building a website

What does it depend on?

Obviously, minimal functionality and fewer pages age and will always demand less time to develop than a website with complex integrations and heavy animation. Working with clients who need re-brand and extensive SEO research may take longer than building a brand from scratch. Here are a few factors that can help estimate the length of time a website project may take.

the time span from the initial discovery and planning to a complete website ready to go live?

Some of the elements that can affect the length of your website project:

  • A site map, number of pages, how many bespoke pages do we need to design
  • The complexity of features and integrations – do you have a dedicated CRM platform to be integrated, or your website needs to be multilingual, and so on.
  • Design requirements – is this something you would like us to do, or do you already have a developed brand?
  •  Content – we can help you determine your content strategy and support you with information architecture. If you need, we can provide complete and multi-channel content.

The process

Subsequently, at this point, you might be wondering what exactly happens during this time? Here is the timetable: 

Week 1 to Week 12 timetable:

  • 1: Kick-off & discovery
  • 2: UX Design
  • 3-4: UI Design
  • 5-10: Web Development
  • 11-12: QA & Testing 
  • 12: Go live

Your project with SYR Digital 

12-14 weeks is the standard minimum time you need to prepare for the new launch and the time we need to create the website of your dreams.

In a rush? We love a challenge! 

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