How to communicate your brand successfully?

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Dynamism, adaptability, awareness, more than ever, are of vital importance – not just to communicate your brand successfully but also to stay competitive in constantly shifting environments.

What is a brand?

A brand isn’t a fixed entity; it is a cognitive construct – an abstract idea in their minds when exposed to its elements through logo, brand colours, ads, retail experiences, website, packaging etc.

As a ‘mental process of cognition’, a brand is defined by the linked association’s customers make after exposure to it and, more importantly, by what they can retain. So a brand needs to be, by definition, not just recognisable and distinguishable, but memorable. 

These associations will depend on the customer’s specific cultural baggage, perceptiveness, motivations and needs, and the brand’s ability to use fact-stating language through its communication channels. This educates and transforms the customer’s remembrance and conception of the brand. 

Why branding is so important?

Strong brands have strong visual identities. We help brands tell better stories and enhance the brand’s visual appeal. We make every project profitable and fun with our team of digital wizards and witty wizzes.

Brand Importance

If a brand is conceived as a fixed entity, it is doomed to repeat itself through traditional strategies and repetitive structures. Brands are no longer ‘the proprietary tool’ for the company that founded them.

Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated, forcing brands to be reactive across multiple touchpoints. 

The most successful brands tend to be quickly informed and defined by their users in iterative cycles. 

Brand consistency 

Success is built on continual innovation. Having an idea is just the start. It takes a specialised approach to cut through the noise and clutter, engage minds, change habits, and build new expectations. 

The common concern about defining the foundational attributes through the ‘brand consistency.’ 

What is recognised can more easily be remembered. And a company’s attachment to big ideas partly enhances the memorable experience of its brands. Yet while reinforcing a brand’s key messaging can be helpful, excessive repetition and a lack of adaptability of the brand can be damaging.

Success is built on continual innovation. Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated, forcing brands to be reactive across multiple touchpoints.


What is Intelligent Branding? 

Brands should be ‘sympathetically and knowledgeably aware of the character and nature of their consumers’. To apply brand consistency and not just fall into the trap of repetition, you need to divide a brand’s fixed identity into small coherent concepts, which will define a recognisable pattern of the brand. 

Intelligent branding

As Marc Shillum, author of ‘Brands as Patterns’, says, ‘The adaptability of patterns makes them perfect for iterative environments, as they can grow while retaining meaning in new contexts, allowing brands to adapt and evolve without the ‘shock of the new.’ 

The practical strategy of understanding a brand as a living system is to create and implement ongoing bi-directional communication with the customer base and hear and act on consumer feedback.

Transformation and Consistency – Case Study 

An excellent example of genus marketing and constant reinventing and progressing is the fashion brand, Calvin Klein. The brand has maintained consistency over four decades, reinforcing its responsive autonomy as a brand while changing and diversifying a vast array of products. 

For example, as a perfume brand, generating a collective pattern of different emotions between individuals and social groups attracts a broad target market.

Launched in 1994 as an androgynous fragrance, CK One was designed to appeal to customers of both genders. Today, its original interchangeable identity has exceeded the intimate limits of gender, evolving into a broader conception of shareability, where not just different genders but also different sexualities, ethnicities and social classes exhibit their shared common identity: ‘For us, for all of us, for me, CK one.” 

In 2020, the brand launched the CK EVERYONE Fragrance and unveiled a global advertising campaign with the slogan “I am one, I am many. I love everyone of me.” 

I love everyone of me

In a market that is becoming ever so crowded with new brands popping out every week, where rules of the jungle apply – adapt or die – CK shattering the status quo, time and time again. Unconstrained by boundaries, the gender norms brand keeps on boldly showcasing collective individuality to the world. 

Calvin Klein underwear’s latest campaign celebrates the possibilities of contemporary life by placing the customer at the core of the definition of the brand. 

Disregarding Calvin Klein’s usual but commercially effective controversy, each of the resulting concepts or ideas, although different, will be a coherent part of the idea of sexy, minimal, classic and intimate, which essentially defines Calvin Klein’s brand mantra.

What was once a brand defined by a limiting generic dichotomy has now become a multidimensional image defined by different voices without losing its power of consistency. 

How we can help as a creative branding agency?

Our development and design strategy creates impactful, engaging brands. We look deep into clients existing infrastructure and find new angels of unexplored opportunities that generate a return on creativity. 

Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus. Gaining more profound insights into your business and your competitors will allow us to build your target customer profile and identify direct and indirect competitors. 

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