Keyword Your Landing Page to Se heaven

Everybody wants organic trafic

Why is it important to find the right keywords and optimise your landing page for search engines; and why does everybody want organic traffic? The main reason is – organic traffic to landing pages is highly sought after because its conversion rates are high and come from top-quality leads.

It is far more difficult to a landing page in Google than a blog post, but it is still possible if you are cleverly using good keywords. A quick look at this landing page from Asana. 

The entire landing page is designed as a call to action – focused on subscribing to a free trial. 

A tremendous and targeted landing page that generates leads with every click that uses keywords like “project management tool,” and “project management software” -genius!

organic website traffic

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are web pages designed to capture attention and immediately motivate users to explore further instantly – products, features, lead magnets, or promotions. 

Landing pages can have many different layouts, but they all serve the same purpose: to convert traffic into leads and engage with visitors. 

Good landing pages have four common elements in common:

  1. Design – Every landing page design aims to guide the user on a journey toward the desired call to action – CTA.
  2. Sales copy – The copy also drives the user toward the CTA by educating the visitor on the old problem-solution scenario and presenting your business’s USP. 
  3. CTA – Prompt directs your visitor to take the next step in a clear and simple format 
  4. Form –  An opportunity to sign up, download, schedule an appointment or book a call. 

And just like that, the form fill turns a visitor into a lead; job well done!

Find relevant keywords 

This pragmatic ‘how-to’ will help you find keywords that will help optimise SEO landing pages. Contrary to general belief, not every keyword makes a good keyword for a landing page.

Typically, for Google to display landing pages in the search results, the keyword must have transferable intent value. 

During your keyword research, you will want to focus on these fundamental factors:

  • If the first page of Google is full of guides and long-form blog posts, trying to rank a landing page will be a futile endeavour 
  • A strong indicator that you have a reasonable chance to rank would be to see another landing page in the top position. 

To find suitable landing page keywords: Use the SEO tool to analyse your competitors and discover which has a landing page with traffic.

To check the best-performing pages, you must pick your target country (i.e. Malta) and set a rule to exclude branded keywords. 

Now it is easy to review which of competitors pages drive organic traffic. 

Generate a list of potential opportunities, rinse and repeat the process with other pages until you have checked most competitors in your niche.  

The best way to find more keywords is to use a keyword research tool.

To inspire your keyword research, you can use your list of keywords from the previous step. We will use Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.

Enter seed keywords, and then go to the Matching terms report to get more views.

Check ranking difficulty and traffic potential.

Before finalising your target keywords, you need to account for traffic potential and ranking difficulty.

If all of this goes over your head or it is too time-consuming, give us a shout here. We got our paws all over it! 

Howdy - as Head of Everything, I shall answer all your questions - SYRious questions only!

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