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Sir Ignatius Theodore Birdwhistle Wigglebutt

Head of Everything

I run things around here and get paid a fortune, 64 cents per week, every week! What would they do without me? Give me snacky snacks and call me Teddy. Ok? Ok.


Anya Bell


We are branding specialists; we love words, and we will design your success through imaginative and clever storytelling. Clients consistently tell us they're surprised and delighted how quickly we can nail the right message. We are easy to reach, obsessively punctual and crazy committed.


Veljko Ilic

Head of Web Development

We all cherish a good challenge. We love to jump straight in, search and unearth the hidden nuggets that make everything golden, and then we code the hell out of them. Technical competence and creativity are ruling the digital space, and at Syr Digital, we are a cool combination of nerds and creatives.


Bahaa Khalifa

Contributing Artist

Strong brands have strong visual identities. We are an insightful and progressive design agency; our visuals create impactful, engaging brands and immersive digital experiences that generate a return on creativity. We make every project profitable and fun with our team of digital wizards and witty wizzes.

Saint Callum

Saint Callum

Digital Marketing Specialist

We are marketing aficionados skilled in creative digital campaigns across home advertising, online and social media. Digital marketing relies on targeted messaging compelling content, and engaging campaigns. SYR Digital designs and executes effective visible digital marketing campaigns.


Daisy Dee

Creative Director

SYR Digital is creatively and technically skilled to render any brand into the best version of digital identity. We base everything we present on extensive research, creative use of data, and our campaigns are well thought out, so - results! We love digging deep into a big challenge and wrestling the beast until innovative ideas break free.

SYRSYR DigitalDigital is a creativecreative and progressiveprogressive design agency.