The Ten Commandments of Digital Marketing

The field of Digital Marketing is vast, profoundly misinterpreted and incredibly difficult to fine-tune. The digital marketing business model relies heavily on leveraging new technologies and utilising harnessed data to improve various aspects of an organisation. In this business model, marketers encounter changes almost daily. It is a rare skill combining so many data sets and yet having a-ha moments of clarity and creativity.

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The general misconception is that you will do just fine as long as you create content, even amongst seasoned professionals.

Sorry to disappoint; good content is just a tiny clog in a complicated digital marketing machine.

If you build it, they won’t come

According to Internet Live Stats and Ahrefs, 7.5 million blog posts are published daily. 90% of them will not get a single visitor from Google. Creating content alone isn’t a silver bullet for growth.

So what IS the silver bullet for growth? Unique material is essential, but the distribution of such content is much more important! For now, let us go through:

the ten commandments of digital marketing

  1. Remember this; “If you build it, they won’t come”. without proper distribution, even the best product fails
  2. To fine-tune a good product/market fit, positioning is the key. The most significant decision you will make is how you position your product.
  3. Finding a repeatable acquisition strategy will prove to be far more important than a big announcement. Launches help indeed but are vastly overrated.
  4. This might surprise you, but humble email campaign still holds no one place as the highest ROI channel
  5. The best kind of traffic? Organic, still. Satisfying search intent is the most critical ranking factor.
  6. Decipher one distribution channel at a time. Use the inch wide and a mile deep strategy instead of being all around.
  7. Timelles business principles, such as talking to your customers as often as possible, are still the best way to uncover what customers truly want.
  8. The best way to scale is paid social. What will make or break your campaign? The creative.
  9. Fixate on increasing your LTV -Lifetime Value ). The acquisition is trendy but successful businesses are built on retention.
  10. Marketing plan and execution is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on fundamentals, don’t chase the latest hype
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