What is SERP?

SERP is a buzzword in digital marketing as both businesses and bloggers vie for their high-ranking positions within those pages. Earning your place on the first SERP requires a general understanding of how they work and why search engines use them. Discover criteria content needs to meet to rank and essential components of SERP.

what is serp

Why is it important ?

Every time users enter a search query, a search engine results page or SERP comes up. The search engines list all of the results identical or related to or to the statement given on a SERP each time users input a specific phrase or keyword. Because search engines process searches not just by keyword but a broad spectrum of varus factors, they will generate a unique SERP each time a user searches. 

How Do Search Engines Work?

For the Websites to be considered visible, a specific range of criteria must be met, such as public accessibility; if a search engine can’t find a site, it won’t appear in the SERP. Only visible content appears in search engines; when a site becomes visible, search engines perform three essential tasks:


Digital entities or bots are known as crawlers. The crawlers job description involves visiting sites, downloading pages, searching links, and discovering every page possible. One must construct a site neatly and efficiently to facilitate and aid crawlers to perform their job effectively. 

To enable users to find essential pages in three clicks, the more pages the crawlers can see and explore, the more visible the site is. 

If they detect a change on a site, such as indexing, crawlers will visit pages more frequently; in this way, they keep search engine’s data 

updated for SERP.

page crawling

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